Forth Margins Accordion Book by J Rowan designed and published by Lost Path Press 2019

Forth Margins

Small Editions
Forth Margins –
woodblocks by J Rowan, accordion book designed and published by Lost Path Press, 2019.

Having known each other for over a decade and reconnecting at a woodblock printing class a few years ago, our collaboration on Forth Margins made for a very satisfying project.

During the class we were both inspired by the local shoreline and its historical sites. Rowan continued with the project developing over a dozen plates following the edgelands of the Firth of Forth Estuary while I went on to develop blocks of a series of details from the Steam Ship Explorer.

Printed on recycled bamboo paper as a hard cover accordion and tied with string. Edition of 20. Suitable for use as a book or a linear display of prints with the accordion form fully extended. A map is included to allow you to visit each of the viewpoints.

Forth Margins is available for sale at Art Walk Porty, Gallery 10 Edinburgh, Print Space Dundee and other select events. (Edit – Edition I – SOLD OUT)


SS Explorer

Artists' Books, Small Editions

A site visit to the Steam Trawler Explorer proved inspiring. A Nationally Registered Historic Ship, the SS Explorer was used as a research vessel and the protection society is now trying to raise funds to restore the vessel.

2 books have been made so far, using material gathered from the visit.

Taking some of the rusty utilitarian details and symplifying the shapes a seties of woodblocks were carved to make symbolic illustrations for a limited edition (10) concertina book.

A small meander book with 24 images of details found on the ship is available to download as a pdf file to print at home.

SS Explorer Meander Book