Limekilns Artists' Book pop out gallery open

Paths, Pends, Passages and Polaroids

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Limekilns Artists' Book Cover
Limekilns Artists’ Book Cover

Winter Exhibition

October – December

No.13 Gallery
13 High Street
Newport on Tay

Limekilns Artists' Book pop out gallery
Limekilns Artists’ Book pop out gallery opening

Limekilns is an unique artists’ book album containing four polaroid photographs with an additional polaroid inset into the deckle edged somerset paper cover. The structure uses a twist pop-out mechanism to unfurl the album into a personal gallery.

Limekilns Artists' Book pop out gallery
Limekilns Artists’ Book pop out gallery

The photographs were taken for the Edinburgh LoFi Paths Pends and Passages project at Limekilns in Fife, a historic village dating back to the 14th centuary where lime was processed for mortar and other uses.

almanac dosados zine


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Almanac Photographs
The Constellations

Work on the theme of Almanac for a photographic exhibition led to the creation of 36 darkroom silver gelatine prints of entirely man-made constellations.

Three books have been produced to accompany the exhibition. A catalogue pamphlet, a dos-a-dos zine (limited edition of 60) and and large format book (limited edition of 12) exploring how the seasons that used to inform and schedule human activities now in the Anthropocene era the seasons are effected by mans activities instead.

Merry Go Round

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Developing books for the Art Walk Porty “Pleasure Ground” theme led our collective to consider the carousel, not only of significance in the fairground as a swirling ride but also to photographers as the holder of memories in sequence – the slide projector carousel.

Thinking about the theme for several months the final project formed when I encountered a boarded up Merry-Go-Round in France. It was 37 degrees, the ride abandoned by the sensible folk who didn’t want to melt in a plastic tent. Time alone to make multiple exposure medium format colour kodak images of the structure.

These photographs formed the ground of the work. Four photographic prints, an installation of transparent floating circular accetate ‘bubbles’ on a glass balustrade and the book works themselves.

Experimenting with the circular form led to the main work Merry-Go-Round. A hard cover double sided accordion variant with paper cut letters. The slinky book could be displayed in a variety of round forms, but also stretched out to permit the prints to be seen. Edition of 5. (Edit – SOLD OUT)

Taking inspiration from the transparent installation further artists’ books were developed utilising origami and map folding techniques to make additional carousel forms.

The final book in the series – with a nod to our hosts at Twelve Triangles – was a work of off cuts, recycling the cut off papers from the other works to form a unique triangular structure with loose pages and many display possibilities.

Artists’ Bookmarket – Edinburgh 2018


Glad to be joining old friends from the Democratic Camera Club on their stall at Stills, Cockburn Street,  for the next two days (Saturday 17th February 11am – 6pm and Sunday 18th February 11am to 6pm) to showcase a couple of new books from the Edinburgh and Elsewhere Collective and some cards and prints from the Edinburgh Lofi Group.

Please find full details here at the Fruitmarket Gallery.