Washing Away My Ire

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Cover - Washing Away My Ire - Artists' Book - Lost Path Press 2020

Only February and already a painful year. I took a large sheet of paper and wrote every angry word I could think of over and over again. I poured all my frustrations onto that paper, then I poured water onto it and symbolically , at least, washed them away.

Front Page - Washing Away My Ire - Artists' Book - Lost Path Press 2020

It might have ended there with a pale patterned sheet but the #areyoubookenough challenge set by Ink & Awl for February was HEAL so I picked some cheery colours of card and thread and stitched it into a quick book.

Center Page - Washing Away My Ire - Artists' Book - Lost Path Press 2020

The cover is closed, it’s on the shelf, I hope not to revisit the feelings or re-ink any of the words. (edit – 2020!!!)


SS Explorer

Artists' Books, Small Editions

A site visit to the Steam Trawler Explorer proved inspiring. A Nationally Registered Historic Ship, the SS Explorer was used as a research vessel and the protection society is now trying to raise funds to restore the vessel.

2 books have been made so far, using material gathered from the visit.

Taking some of the rusty utilitarian details and symplifying the shapes a seties of woodblocks were carved to make symbolic illustrations for a limited edition (10) concertina book.

A small meander book with 24 images of details found on the ship is available to download as a pdf file to print at home.

SS Explorer Meander Book

almanac dosados zine


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Almanac Photographs
The Constellations

Work on the theme of Almanac for a photographic exhibition led to the creation of 36 darkroom silver gelatine prints of entirely man-made constellations.

Three books have been produced to accompany the exhibition. A catalogue pamphlet, a dos-a-dos zine (limited edition of 60) and and large format book (limited edition of 12) exploring how the seasons that used to inform and schedule human activities now in the Anthropocene era the seasons are effected by mans activities instead.