The Temperate House

Artists’ Bookmarket 2024


We are delighted to be taking part in the Fruitmarket annual artists’ book market on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of February 2024.

Catherine Marshall will debut her new book ‘The Temperate House’. Autobiographical poems document a period of personal change juxtaposed by allegorical photographs. Rather than curbed, disciplined and inhibited as the word temperate suggests, the narrative is about locating the measure of the self, establishing the range, climate and degree needed for growth.

The Temperate House

Sheila Borthwick will show her book ’Triangle’ inspired by Bauhaus ideas of symbolic shape, the everyday and locations throughout Britain from London to Dundee. The book of prints, photographs, drawings and text comes in a presentation box with a signed print.

Elaine Robson’s book ‘Omoide‘ compares recorded personal history with shared memory shaped by time. A collection of photographic prints hand bound as a double pamphlet in a hand made paper cover with silver embossed title details and an essay contemplating the different types of recollections that form when new experiences are laid over old memories and tinted by future worries.


On the theme of changing coastal communities we have two collaborative works. ‘CAST/LURE’ by Catherine Marshall and Elaine Robson is an exploration of the constant change of the sea – fishing, knitting and fairgrounds twist through a Swiss flexagon form allowing the texture of gansey knits and stitch names to mingle with examples from pier entertainments. Different tides wash together, then part, as the flexagon is manipulated round and round. In addition, unique sculptural books (such as ‘Sea Dreams’) will round out the theme.

The second collaborative theme is The Cold War. The book ‘Exit’ questions the utility of trying to plan and control the outcome of nuclear threat. Sheila Borthwick and Elaine Robson draw on site visits to 1950’s command bunkers to produce the yellow silk arrow-stitched Japanese style book of prints and text on Somerset paper, which is hand tinted with earth pigments to mimic the patina of the underground aged surfaces. An affordable circular book ‘Bunker’ uses folded paper to replicate the experience of descending into the fortifications.

exit book cover

We look forward to seeing you at the Fruitmarket in February 2024!