Triangle - a book by Sheila Borthwick


A Triangle is a shape, part of two dimensional space. They appear everywhere in everyday things. The book Triangle was inspired by locations throughout Britain from London to Dundee and influenced by the Bauhaus artists Kandinsky, Klee and Moholy-Nagy.

“The life of the spirit may be fairly represented in diagram as a large acute-angled triangle divided horizontally into unequal parts with the narrowest segment uppermost. The lower the segment the greater it is in breadth, depth, and area.”
— Wassily Kandinsky

Prints, photographs and drawings curated and reproduced in a 64 page book with introductory and closing text. Signed print. Presentation box. Limited edition.

Sheila Borthwick is a photographer and printmaker. She owns, operates and curates the No.13 Gallery in Newport-on Tay and her imprint is the No.13 Press.

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