Panels and Protrusions


In late February we met at the Upright Gallery to catch Ken Wilders Juncture exhibition before we missed it!

The window greets you with a view into the ever decreasing and shutting down scuptural beam – the Juncture of the title. The rest of the ground floor had two Rotation works – reminiscent of geometry puzzels or positional board games – and three panel pieces which produced an almost overwhelming urge to slide the blue, gold and plywood pieces arround.

Downstairs photographic prints document the installation of trays of milk in a Cornish engine house. The smooth white surfaces contrasting with the delapidated stone and wild seascapes, as if parts of the scene had been erased in Milky Voids.

Milky Voids Catalogue, Ken Wilder, 2004.

We also watched a video, part of an earlier installation called Skylights.

Book structures in response to the exhibition.

Thinking through the shapes, colours and themes in the exhibition led to some thoughts on artists’ book structures that could form a pocket sized response. A meander book of repositionable panels, a flexagon game board and a variation on a Hedi Kyle Ziggurat for the cantilevered beam – sketching with paper folds.