One Hour Zine

A fun challenge for the holiday season now that the final artists’ book editions of the year are packed up and ready to go.

Create content, layout and print a ‘zine in an hour! Can it be done?

Zine front and back
Folded zine.

“A walk along our nearby canal side inspired me with the wonderful colours in a rusty fence. The image of the rusty ‘X’ in the wire led me to ‘X marks the Spot’ and the general political uncertainty and a song inspired the short poetic text about community and hope.”

Zine Print Layout
X Marks the Spot – Print layout – E Robson

The whole process took 2 hours, the challenge is to get the next one down to an hour. Far different to the collaborative ‘zines we usually produce which can take up to 3 months of content production, editing and layout.

Better than a card?

To complement the growing range of books and ‘zines we now have prints and photo / poetry cards in the range of items available.

Three photo print cards
Image from – To the Peninsula My Friends – Catherine Marshall
Front and back photo print cards
Image from – To the Peninsula, My Friends – Catherine Marshall

Art Walk Porty 2018 – merry-go-round

‘Roll up, roll up to the merry-go-round ! Escape the humdrum ! Stories are written/erased, images blur/reappear. A ride that ends where it begins, where no journey is ever the same…’


Art Walk Porty 2018 – ‘Pleasure Ground’

30th August to 9th September

The merry-go-round is a favourite fairground ride for many, offering the chance to escape from the humdrum, albeit momentarily, into a different world. It is a place where you can travel, but without going anywhere. The ride just ends where it starts. But many things can happen riding the merry-go-round. Memories can fade away or be recollected, stories can be written or conversely erased, images can blur, fade and reappear all within a matter of moments. The ride is repeated but different details appear, other moments matter, new thoughts occur.

The artists collaborating on this project are :

Catherine Marshall is an artist and writer based in Edinburgh. She studied Fine Art Photography at Glasgow School of Art. She has lived in different countries and cities, including Berlin which she made her home for a decade.

Dinda Fass is a visual artist based in Edinburgh, who works with the written word, photography, and moving image. She researches the nature of the photographic image, its relations with suggested narratives, and the dialectic between the still and moving image.

Elaine Robson is inspired by the contrasts of urban environments and takes delight in exploring cultures and the genius loci. In this exhibition she uses photographic works and artists’ books to show the colourful chaos of the fair.

Twitter / FB : @EdinAndElse
Exhibition Leaflet (PDF)

With thanks to our lovely hosts –

Twelve Triangles (Venue 14)

300 Portobello High Street
Edinburgh EH15 2AS
Mon–Fri 8.30am – 4pm
Sat & Sun 9am – 4pm